Tennis NZ Online Betting

Tennis in New Zealand is a well-loved sport. Tennis NZ develops players from pre-teen age right up to professional level. Even though we have not won an international Grand Slam tournament, Tennis NZ is on the mend. The national governing body of Tennis in New Zealand is making great moves to grow the tennis talent in New Zealand. There are regular Tennis tournaments such as the New Zealand Davis Cup and New Zealand Fed Cup Team at national level. Additionally, there are Six regional tennis bodies including Auckland Tennis and Canterbury tennis. There are over 52 tennis clubs Auckland has alone!

Kiwis can bet on local Tennis NZ matches as well as Grand slam tournaments at the best online tennis betting sites in New Zealand. We have a comprehensive tennis betting guide along with top tips for making successful bets.

Popular Tennis Betting Markets

Of course, there generic bets which can be made across many sporting disciplines. Such as money line bets, point spread and prop bets. However, each generic bet has a twist which fits the unique sport. Tennis bets follow the principles of most popular online sports bets. They do however have two unique betting markets which have various types of bets which fall under those markets.

Tennis Betting Predictions

The main bet types are Tournament bets and Match bets. Tournament bets are for larger events and naturally match betting odds are for singular matches.

Tournament Tennis Bet Types

  1. Outright Winner
  2. Proposition -type bets such as “To Reach the Final”,
  3. Player Progress
  4. Quarter Winners bet which can be likened to quarterline/ halftime line bets
  5. In-Play betting requires live tennis scores on hand


Match Tennis Bet Types

  1. Match Odds,
  2. Set Betting,
  3. Total Games similar to standard totals over/ under bets
  4. Set Handicap similar to a point spread or puck line bet
  5. Game Handicap this is like a set handicap bet except that it applies to the whole match not just one set
  6. Number of Sets
  7. To win a set?
  8. Most Aces and Number of Sets.

What Kiwis Need to know about Betting on Tennis

When betting on tennis, the best bet is not the most obvious bet. Betting on a sure winner is not necessarily a great payout. Bookmakers are not going to have a great payout for betting on Serena Williams in a match because the odds of her winning the match are obscenely great. Therefore, Kiwis need to look at three factors when betting on Tennis in New Zealand.

Sportsbook odds– Shop for the best odds before laying a wager. When betting on an underdog check the odds to see what the provability of your wager winning. Even if the potential payout is great the risk maybe too high.

Tennis Court – Know what kind of court they are playing on. Of all the Grand Slam Tournaments Wimbledon is the only one that is still played on grass. The court affects how the ball bounces and how players move. Do your research to see how different players perform on different surfaces. That way you will make informed, smart bets.

Player Fitness – Tennis is a physically intense sport and inevitably injuries will occur. Keep tabs on players and see which players may be recovering from injuries before big games. Knowing this will give you a clue of how they may potentially perform.

Weather – weather conditions such as wind, heat and rain affect game play. The way the ball moves is often affected when it is windy and how adaptable a player is in different weather conditions will be a big influencing favour in how the game plays out.

Left vs Right Handed Players – Lefties are often tricky for right handed players because of the unique swing of their serve. Check whether your potential bet is a right handed or left-handed player and whether they are playing against a left- or right-handed player. Your chosen wager nay or may not be at a disadvantage.

New Zealand Tennis Regions & Tournaments

Tennis New Zealand is a vibrant scene with regular tournaments nationally and regionally. Tennis NZ is made up of six regional bodies which we have listed below:

  1. Auckland tennis is a major part on Tennis NZ. With over 52 Tennis clubs in Auckland it’s not that surprising. Auckland Tennis has two major ASB Classic Men’s and Women’s tournaments yearly just before the Australian Open.
  2. Canterbury tennis is not as big as Auckland tennis. The region has just over 20 tennis clubs spread across Christchurch.
  3. The Northern tennis region Albany has 24 affiliated tennis clubs.
  4. Tennis Waikato- Bays has 21 tennis clubs between Thames Valley and Waikato
  5. Tennis Central- Wellington has a number of Tennis Clubs split under three categories Junior Interclub, College Tennis and Senior tennis for players older than 35
  6. Tennis Southern – there are 24 tennis clubs in between Otago and Southlands


Tennis NZ Popular Grand Slam Tournaments

US Open– annually begins on the last Monday of August and has a two-week duration. There are five main championships under the US Open. These are mixed doubles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and men’s and women’s singles. There are Juniors championships as well as wheelchair tennis categories

Australian Open– always starts in the last two weeks of January every year in Melbourne Australian. The tournament has the same categories as the US Open.

Wimbledon– this is the only Grand Slam tournament that is still played on lawn not hard courts. Wimbledon begins in early July Just before the US Open. The main events are Gentlemen’s Singles, Ladies’ Singles, Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Doubles and Mixed Doubles