Futures Betting Odds NZ

Futures betting involves wagering on matches yet to be played in the future. Futures bets are made usually on big events in sports such as the EPL final, FIFA football world cup and NFL Superbowl amongst others. This particular bet market requires patience and a cool head. Some futures odds can be set a year well in advance. Unlike other sports betting types futures bets are not a way of wagering but rather refers to a bet of any kind made on a future sports event. Sometimes a future bet can even be on event that has not been confirmed. In such a case punter wager firstly on whether the event will happen and also what the outcome will be.

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Tips on Placing Futures Bets

As we mentioned earlier future bets are any type of bet on a sports game that is in the future. Bettors need to understand the risks associated with betting futures. For example, in the NFL Superbowl sportsbooks place odds for the next Superbowl a day after the last one and anything can happen in the season before the next Superbowl. Future bets are high risk and high rewards. Future betting gets weekly updates. Punters will in according to the odds that were available at the point that they placed their wager. Future wagers often have a set cut-off date just before the sports tournament.

Best Types of Futures Bets

Most sports bettors will often wager moneyline when betting futures. However, it is often advisable to wager on other types of bets which are not as rigid. Because team performances can fluctuate easily in sports seasons a win this season does not mean the next is an obvious win.

When it comes to futures do not put all your eggs in one basket. However, that is not to say, parlays bets are an obvious payout because there are many variables and the likelihood of getting more than one variable correcting 6months or more in advance is low. Depending on what sport you are betting on, go for a teaser bet, this allows you to set your own point spread. Therefore if you know the sport you are betting you will do better than the average sports bettor.

Top 3 Recommended Futures Bets

  1. Point spread / Puck line bets – point spread bets give punters enough playroom for error in case there is an error in their prediction.
  2. Prop betting – this is a bet on anything else but the final outcome e.g in a boxing match punter can bet on how the victor will either through knockout or via technical decision
  3. Totals bets – instead of betting on a specific winner, kiwis can bet on the combined score of the teams involved in the game

Free Futures Bet Advice for Kiwis Betting Online

Future bets take time to bear results and are a bit hard to predict, so be smart about how much you spend and the type of bet you chose

Remember futures odds are periodically updated and you get your payout calculated according to what the odds were when you wagered.