NASCAR Betting in New Zealand

NASCAR, National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, is a US based company responsible for some of the world’s most popular stock car races. NASCAR, runs national races such as the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, the Xfinity Series, and the Gander Outdoors Truck Series. Although NASCAR is originally from the USA, the races have become a huge part of Kiwis lives. New Zealand bet on a large part of the 1500 races that are run by the racing company. Part of the reason why NASCAR events are huge in New Zealand is because some of the biggest NASCAR events have been held right close to us at the Calder Park Thunderdome in Australia.


The auto-racing company was founded in 1948 and since then has created more than 1500 races which are held worldwide in different countries. Races have been held at Japan’s Suzuka and Motegi circuits while Mexico is host to one of the regular race events, the NASCAR PEAK Mexico Series. It’s no surprise then that betting on NASCAR is also a big money-making venture. We have put together some basic betting tips and the top sportsbooks with NASCAR events for Kiwis to bet on.

Best NASCAR Online Sportsbooks for Kiwis


Top NASCAR Betting Picks

Before we discuss how to bet on NASCAR, punters need to understand what affects their betting picks. Motorsports especially NASCAR are unique in that odds are not posted well before time as with other sports. There are qualifying runs and many race practice sessions a week before NASCAR which are instrumental in projecting probabilities of outcomes of the main event. Therefore, many a Nascar odds linesmaker will remove odds a week before the main race and then put up odds a day before the race.

There are three main influencing factors that affect your betting picks:

  • Qualifying runs – winning the qualifying run is indicative of possible performance and affects your position on the racetrack
  • The racetrack – depending on the race track the motor race is happening at it’s easier to make passes and overtake. Some tracks are one groove and at such race tracks these drivers that win the qualifying runs get good starting positions. Larger race tracks have multiple grooves and starting position is not as significant
  • Practice runs- Valuable information on speed times is always provided at these practice runs, speed times, fastest laps, and average speeds are available for the public to see. There is a final practice round called The Happy Hour this gives a great indicator of who will perform well and who may have a difficult time.

NASCAR Betting Tips


There are a number of betting markets that Kiwi bettors can wager on NASCAR. If you are already familiar with sports betting in general then you will be aware of some markets such as outright winner. However, each betting market has unique dynamics within different sports. We’ve listed the most popular NASCAR motor racing bets.

Top 5 Most Popular NASCAR Betting Markets

  1. Outright winner- in most sports this is one of the easier bets also commonly referred to as money line odds. Bettors simply have to predict the winner of the race but this is not as obvious in a race of about 40 drivers. That is why keeping track of practice run and qualifying stats is important.
  2. Match up bet- this is similar to a head to head bet. You can bet match up on a qualifying run or the actual race. In a qualifying run match up better you pick a player between two proposed drivers who you think will finish in a better position while a match up bet in the actual race is a choice between two drivers to determine the winner of the race
  3. Futures bet- a bet on who will win an upcoming race. This betting market is popular with the biggest NASCAR race the Sprint Cup
  4. Top 3 and Top 5 bets – this bet is similar to a golf field bet. Instead of betting on a single player, bet on a group of players and if one of the players finish in the top 3 or 5 you get a pay-out.
  5. Prop Bets- this is a bet on anything that is not the final winning driver of the race. The most popular NASCAR prop bet is predicting which car manufacturer will be winning