Motorsports Betting Guide for Kiwis

Motorsport betting in New Zealand is a whole lot more than  Motorkhana and formula 1. Those are just the most popular forms of motorsports. If you enjoy car racing, motor bike racing and generally vehicles racing then this is the right place for you. Betting on motorsports is one of the best forms of best types of sports betting because motorsports have some of the longest seasons. For instance, Formula one goes on for 8 months of the year and that’s just one part of motorsports. There are a lot more motorsports kiwis can bet on from Nascar, New Zealand Superbike Chanpionship . In this section we explore what New Zealand sports betting has to offer local bettors in terms of motor sports betting. Not only are we linking kiwi punters to the top betting sites for wagering on motor racing, we also have the best betting tips and explain the various betting markets available.



Top NZ Motorsports Betting Sites


Popular Motorsports Betting Events

Before you restrict yourself to just F1 betting, there other great motor racing options such as the Drivers’ Championship and also the Constructors’ Championship. Car racing is the most popular of motor racing, however there are other motor sports SUCH ASDIRT BIKE RCES LIKE THE  Speedway. However, car racing is the most popular in the, motor sport category. Therefore, most of the betting typos re targeted at car racing wagers.

When it come stop car racing especially in F1, Driver’s Championship some teams dominate more compared to others. For instance, Both Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes has this market of motorsports cornered. Therefore, when betting on such they would most likely be the favourites and that is something to keep in mind when placing wagers. Outright winner betting markets are not prevalent because the betting options for outright winners re limited. However, there are many other betting markets to choose from. The prop betting market in motorsports is one of the most diverse. It is a favourite of novice bettors as well since prop bets are not usually outcome related.


Most Popular Motor Sports

Formula One

Moto GP

V8 Supercars



NZSBK Championship



Motorsport Betting Tips

Kiwi bettors us study their drivers’ performances at different courses well. Teams and drivers rated lower at some race may perform better at races that have a unique set up such as Monaco GP. NZ bettors must also branch out to other forms of motor s [ports beyond the usual F1, Grand Prix and Drivers Championships. Some of the best bets to make on Motorsports of any kind are as follows