New Zealand Ice Hockey Teams

New Zealand has five national Ice Hockey teams. All these teams are spread all across the country. He national ice hockey league is small since it was only founded about 13 years ago in 2005. The New Zealand Ice hockey Federation is made up of three regions Auckland, Southern and Canterbury. There are two teams in each region except Canterbury which has one. We have compiled a brief overview of each team. Knowing each team’s performance stats will help in understanding how to bet on each hockey game the team participates in.

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An Overview of New Zealand’s Ice Hockey Teams

The five teams in the NZIHL are Botany Swarms and West Auckland Admirals which fall under the Auckland Region. The Canterbury Red Devils are in Christchurch Canterbury, while Dunedin Thunder and Southern Stampede are under Otago in the South.

Botany Swarms

Location               Auckland

League                 New Zealand Ice Hockey League

Founded              2005

Home arena       Paradice Ice Skating Botany

Colours                 White, Maroon, Black, Yellow

Head coach         Ian Wannamaker

Captain                 Andrew Hay


The Botany Swarm is based in East Auckland, New Zealand which was founded in 2005 as the South Auckland Swarm. Their name changed just before the 2007 season to align with their home rink. Their home rink in Paradice Ice Skating Botany Rink is known as The Hive. The current coach of the Botany Swarm is Ian Wannamaker, while Travis Crickard fills in as assistant coach.  The team has had three different captains in its lifetime; Rene Aisdh , George Pilgrim, who served as captain from June 2005 to August 2005 and June 2006 to September 2006 respectively. The current Captain Andrew Hay served from May 2007 to present

Canterbury Red Devils

Location               Christchurch

League                 New Zealand Ice Hockey League

Founded              2005

Home arena       Alpine Ice Sports Centre

Colours               Red, White and Black

Head coach         Anatoli Khorozov

Captain                 Chris Eaden

The Canterbury Red Devils are based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Their home arena is the Alpine Ice Centre. Since their foundation in 2005 the team have won both the regular season title and the playoffs on four occasions with their most recent coming in the 2014 NZIHL season. The current Coach is Anatoli Khorozov.  The team has had a number of captains since its inception. Currently Chris Eaden is the captain since 2017.

Dunedin Thunder

Location               Dunedin

League                 New Zealand Ice Hockey League

Founded              2008

Home arena       Dunedin Ice Stadium

Colours                Green, Yellow, White and Black

Head coach         Canada Matt Hladun

Captain                 Gints Leitis

The Dunedin Thunder is an ice hockey team based in Dunedin, New Zealand and are members of the New Zealand Ice Hockey League. The club plays their home games at the Dunedin Ice Stadium. The Thunder were founded in 2008 and joined the league as an expansion team. The clubs won their first regular season title in 2013 and have finished as runner-up in the playoffs in 2013 and 2014, losing on both occasions to the Canterbury Red Devils.

Southern Stampede

Location               Queenstown, New Zealand

League                 New Zealand Ice Hockey League

Founded              2005

Home arena       Queenstown Ice Arena

Colours                 Blue and Yellow

Head coach         Adam Blanchette

Captain                 Simon Glass

The Southern Stampede is based in Queenstown, New Zealand and was founded in 2005. They playb all their home games at the Queenstown ice arena. They have won four championships in 2005and 2006 as well as from 2015 to 2017.

West Auckland Admirals

Location               Auckland

League                 New Zealand Ice Hockey League

Founded              2005

Home arena       Paradice Avondale

Colours              Blue Purple; Yellow and Black

Head coach         Csaba Kercso Magos Snr.

Captain                 Justin Daigle

The West Auckland Admirals are based in Auckland, New Zealand. The club plays their home games at Paradice Avondale. The team has never won a season or the playoffs. The best they have done is runner up for both regular season and playoffs in 2005, 2010 and 2017.