UEFA Champions League Betting in New Zealand

UEFA, Union of European Football Associations, oversees football in Europe mainly although some member countries. Different national football associations of different countries, 55 in total make up UEFA. Europe’s best soccer clubs compete for the most prestigious trophy in Europe club soccer.

Although New Zealand is not one of the member states, Kiwis are huge fans of the soccer franchise. Yes, UEFA is the administrative body of futsal and beach soccer as well but Kiwis seem to gravitate more towards traditional football games. The main UEFA competitions, football fans can bet on include UEFA European Championship, UEFA Nations League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League. There are a number of other popular football competitions but those are the ones that pull the crowds.

Kiwis looking for the best UEFA betting lines and sportsbook are in the right place. Not only have we listed New Zealand’s best soccer bookies, we have a comprehensive soccer betting guide tailored to the UEFA league.

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Betting on UEFA Games

UEFA offers Kiwis multiple betting opportunities right from when the action starts at qualifying rounds, knockout stages right up to the finals. Each of these stages in the Champions league offer unique betting markets that hold the chance for great wins. UEFA is a highly competitive league so betting on the competition and regular games very exciting. Because the league is quite competitive, bettors need to explore betting markets other than the common moneyline / outright winner bets.

The 3 Most Popular UEFA CL Bet Types

  1. Match Result- also known as 1X2. This is a bet on whether the match will result in a home win, away win or a draw. 1 being a home win, X a draw and 2 an away win.
  2. Asian Handicap Betting – this is very much a point spread bet specifically used in football, the handicap or point spread varies, sometimes it’s +/-0.5, 0 and +/-1
  3. Totals or Over / Under Betting – bookies set a total number of goals they project both teams will score combined punters then bet on whether they thing the match will end in a score that is over or under the bookies’ prediction

In addition to those three popular soccer bets, UEFA offers a wide range of opportunities to use different betting markets. Because the UEFA Champions league and other tournaments are often divided into groups there are bets like group winner which punters can take advantage of. Other lucrative bets to place are tournament winners, top goal scorer, score cast bets and a range of prop bets

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Europa League


Betting Tips for UEFA Europa League and Other UEFA Tournaments

Knowing the league’s history will help punters in better predicting outright winners. For instance, since its inception Real Madrid has been the most successful in Champions League. However, that is not to say they are always the favourite because although they have been the most successful the number of trophies, they have won is 13 which includes the rest of the tournaments organised by UEFA not just the Championship. This shows how tough the competition is in this league.

There are arrange of trends that will help you in wagering better for instance how often home teams win on home ground can help in deciding how to bet on a 1×2 market.

A handy stat for match result bets -When on home ground clubs win 48% of the time and the match is 23% likely to end in a draw while the away team has a 29% chance of winning

Top tip when betting totals/ over /under bets – matches go over 2.5 goals 49% of the time, and only 29% of matches go beyond over 3.5 goals in 29% and scoreless games only account for 7% of matches.

Tip for betting halftime line bets – 40% end with a draw at half time while 32% end the first half scoreless.