NZ Europa League Betting Guide

The UEFA Europa League is a yearly club soccer showcase which was started in 1971 for European football clubs. It’s the second biggest and the most prestigious club football competition in Europe. All teams have to excel in their own national leagues and club competitions to qualify for the Europa League. The Europa League is just below the Champions League in the hierarchy of UEFA competitions in general and also in Europe’s football scene.


Betting on the Europa League is a major sport on its own here in New Zealand, loads of Kiwis bet on the Europa League. That is why we recommend top NZ sportsbooks which give locals the chance to bet on the Europa League final and other preliminary matches. We also have the best expert tips for betting on Europe’s biggest club football showcase.

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How to Bet on Europa League Matches

Knowledge is power, and the more you know and understand abut the Europa League the better you wager on all the games. The main things punters have to understand are the format of competition, the qualification process and the stats of previous Europa league results. Our Europa betting guide explores how each of these factors influence betting on what was once known as the UEFA Cup

UEFA Europa League Format

UEFA Cup rebranded to UEFA Europa League during the 2009-2010 season which is still the same competition with just a different format. Originally the competition was purely a knockout format where all ties were broken with a two-legged game including the final. A knockout format limits the range of bets especially bets that fall outside of the standard outcome bets.

The current formats have a 12-group stage round where all the teams in one group play against each other in turns. This increases the number of times punters get to wager on each group stage. After the preliminary group stages the Europa League proceeds in two-legged knockout rounds until the final.

Qualification Process for Europa League Fixtures

There are several ways clubs can qualify for the Europa League. One is through winning the respective cup of the football association, winning the national league of their respective countries and ranking high on UEFA’s coefficients system. Punters can bet on the probability of teams qualifying and wager prop bets on how certain teams will qualify for the Europa League. Knowing how the clubs qualified for the league can give an indication of how they perform. That way bettors can make better predictions of a club’s performance at the UEFA Europa League.

Europa League Results

Kiwi punters should make use of the Europa League table and use the stats to measure team performance. The trends of how clubs perform at Europa league fixtures can be helpful in predicting future performance. Of the 28 times that the Cup has been won just under 43% of the clubs have achieved the feat twice. That is a handy piece of statistic to know when betting on outright winner money line bets. There is as always, an exception to the rule in this case it’s the Spanish club which has won the title five times. The current champions are Atlético Madrid, who won the   2017–18 UEFA Europa League after beating French side Marseille in the Europa League final.

Best Europa League Wagers

Totals remember the Europa league has a high total score average. On average there are more than 2.5 goals per match in the Europa League however only 21% of matches go over the 3.5 goal mark.

Group winners’ bets- the group stages of Europa provide many opportunities to bet and win because each team plays the rest of the group in turns.

Asian Handicap Bets – this betting market is great especially when you keep in mind the average goal range which falls between 2.5 to 3.5

The above are our recommended bets for the Europa League, however there are a number of other bets to wager on Europa. For example, prop bets are an endless gold mine of betting options. They especially give novice bettors a chance to win without necessarily being experts on the club competition. In play betting or halftime line betting is also another great betting market for a club soccer competition like Europa.