Best Euro 2020 Qualifiers Odds

Soccer fans have a lot to look forward to this weekend in the Euro 202o qualifiers. 17 Games will be played over Saturday the 12th of October and Sunday the 13th. The first match kicks off at 3pm between Georgia and Ireland, ranked 37 and 9 respectively. What cannot be disputed though is that you can win real; money betting on any of these Euro 2020 qualifying rounds. We have put together the 1x 2 odds of all the matches happening in these two says. The odds are from the popular online betting sites in New Zealand. However, our Kiwi readers must bear in mind that you are not restricted to betting on just the match result. The NZ sports books we recommend have a great range of soccer betting markets.


Euro 2020 Qualifying Rounds Odds

Saturday Georgia v Ireland Georgia3.35 x2.95 Ireland2.40
  Faroe Islands v Romania Faroe Islands14.75 x6.10 Romania1.21
  Bosnia v Finland Bosnia2.15 x3.10 Finland3.75
  Denmark v Switzerland Denmark2.25 x3.20 Switzerland3.35
  Liechtenstein v Armenia Liechtenstein12.00 x5.75 Armenia1.25
  Malta v Sweden Malta34.00 x11.25 Sweden1.06
  Norway v Spain Norway6.40 x4.30 Spain1.50
  Italy v Greece Italy1.18 x6.75 Greece17.00
Sunday Kazakhstan v Belgium Kazakhstan14.50 x7.25 Belgium1.17
  Cyprus v Russia Cyprus6.25 x4.25 Russia1.51
  Hungary v Azerbaijan Hungary1.34 x5.35 Azerbaijan8.25
  Belarus v Netherlands Belarus15.75 x6.65 Netherlands1.19
  Scotland v San Marino Scotland1.008 x25.00 San Marino46.25
  Poland v North Macedonia Poland1.35 x5.15 North Macedonia8.25
  Estonia v Germany Estonia43.50 x14.50 Germany1.04
  Wales v Croatia Wales2.90 x3.25 Croatia2.50
  Slovenia v Austria Slovenia3.00 x3.30 Austria2.35


UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying Betting Tips

Depending on what you are betting on here is some information on the teams playing this weekend that may be useful.

  • In this Euro 2020 so far, the top goal scorer is a Russian player
  • Spain won the 2 consecutive UEFA European Championships in 2004 and 2008.
  • Spain has one the title more times than all the teams
  • In the batch playing this weekend five teams Denmark, Spain, Italy, Greece and the Netherlands have once won the title


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